Earlier this year we did a little interview, and here it is! Antispin: modern day purveyors of quality psytrance of the darkest order. Based in Brighton UK and there's two of them. Lets find out some more... \\ Hello, Who are you ...Read More

So, it's been ten years since the birth of the Scorb project and 2012 marks the anniversary of the first release of Mutoid! To celebrate, Trick Music are releasing a series of reworked Scorb gems from yesteryear. The first offering ...Read More

Production Tips: Improving Your Sound Author: Scorb We all strive for better sound quality in our productions and there are plenty of misconceptions that often hinder the budding audiologist! Here i hope to clear up a few of these myths and offer ...Read More

TRKPOD08 — Monkey Logic">

TRKPOD08: The first Trick Music GUEST MIX with Monkey Logic This month we celebrate one year of the TRKPOD! So what better way to do so than bring you a slammin' guest mix! If you are yet to subscribe to the podcast, you ...Read More

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Trick Music Podcast 07 - February 2011 Download Subscribe iTunes / stream from podsite Shouts to all who enjoyed this one, here's the track listing: - Intro / Track 1 - (bits of..) Amon Tobin - from Foley Room / Jean Jacques Perry and Luke Vibert ...Read More

So, last time I highlighted some cracking free audio plug ins for both Mac and PC. With no shortage of excellent freeware out there, not to mention free plugins from some of the biggest and best companies it can be ...Read More

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For all of you who have enjoyed the podcasts of 2010, TRKPOD 07  is online now. Its extended a little to fit in all of the phat tracks we missed last year, and its a deep MF! Hope you enjoy!! (Click ...Read More

Here's a transcript from a recent Interview with Scorb in the run up to his NYE gig at Soma in Montreal, Canada... - - - - - - - - - Q'n'A Interview with Scorb by Kalan Bird December 27 2010 ...Read More

Geeking out time! Here are my current top free audio plug ins that you can download for free right now for use in your productions. They are available for both Mac and PC so whatever you are using, you should ...Read More

TRKPOD05 — Oct 2010">

Tracklist: Track 1 - Itamar Sagi - 'common sense' - (Drum Code Track 2 - Stimming - melodica - Green Track 4 - Slam - 'Last Sonic Approach' - Drum Code Track 5 - Technasia - 'Exiled' from Album 'Central' - Technasia Records Track 6 ...Read More